Getting into the Pokémon Game Is Overwhelming

If you don't have the right help...

  • ✅ Save time by fast-tracking your way to the answers you need

  • ✅ Save money by avoiding costly mistakes

  • ✅ Learn the ins and outs from a professional who has been in the hobby for over 20 years

Not having the advice & answers you need can lead to frustration, feeling overwhelmed, and could lead to wasted time and effort. We don’t want that for you. Joshua Ottawa is passionate about helping the Pokémon community create a plan for diving deeper into the hobby and to help you progress more quickly towards your goals.

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Why One on One Consulting?

Personalized Guidance & Support

Joshua Ottawa's one-on-one consulting provides you with personalized attention and tailored advice specifically catered to your needs. Unlike generic tutorials or group sessions, you get direct access to an expert who can address your unique challenges and goals.

Accelerated Learning & Mistakes Avoided

Working with Joshua Ottawa allows you to expedite your learning curve. By leveraging his knowledge and experience, you can bypass common pitfalls, avoid costly mistakes, and make faster progress towards your goals.

How to Get Started

  • 1. Purchase Your One-on-One Call

    Select either a half hour or one hour consulting call with Joshua Ottawa.

  • 2. Book Your Call

    After your purchase, you will be contacted to book the call.

  • 3. Master the Game

    Have your questions answered, get advice, expedite your learning, avoid costly mistakes, and work towards your Pokemon goals!

Who is this for?

One on One Consulting with Joshua Ottawa is for you if:

✅ You're new to the hobby or looking to dive deeper

✅ You want to find more ways to save time & money

✅ You want to help avoid costly mistakes
✅ You have Pokémon or business questions you would like answered

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What Else Can We Help With?

✅ Learn how to determine the value of a collection

✅ Learn the ins and outs of PayPal

✅ How to save money on fees such as currency conversion

✅ How to accept a variety of different payment methods

✅ How to submit cards to PSA

✅ How to grow your Instagram's Pokemon page for social media

✅ How to start selling your own cards & grow a reputable name within the community

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Our Money Back Guarantee

We're so confident that you will gain value during a One on One Consulting call, that if you do not feel the information you learned was helpful, we will give 100% of your money back. Guaranteed.

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